BharatEkKhoj is developed to enable travelers to review various travel destinations of India, review hotels and resorts, write their own travelogues, upload their travel photographs and share all this with other travelers to help them plan their travel trips well to make it a perfect trip. BharatEkKhoj trying its best to ensure that all the travel reviews, travelogues are original works and are from real travelers. To ensure, quality of travel destination reviews, review of hotels and resorts, review of any travel attraction and services we also advice all the visitors of the website to rate various travel reviews and travelogues written by other travelers with no prejudice so that they are getting best, most accurate and latest travel related information from the reviews and travelouges available of BharatEkKhoj.

BharatEkKhoj would also like to request all the visitors to share their traveling experience, no matter how small or big place they have travelled in India, no matter if its not most recent and is in past. They can always write their travelogues and can let others know how they planned and managed their journey, where they stayed and how was their experience about the place as it always help to know something more about a place when you are planning to visit it.

It also help travelers to know about forgotten places, travel destinations, attractions etc. and enriches their experience and adds value to their travel trips.

We hope sharing your travel experiences through this website will be fun and it will preserve your past and present memories of the place. We hope that it will also be an invaluable resource for keeping in contact with your friends and family, and for making new friends from all around the world.

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